Pyramining is a bitcoin private mining club. It's members are bitcoin enthusiasts who want to help securing the bitcoin network through mining.

To join the club you need to be invited by someone who is already a member.

With the increasing popularity of bitcoin and the enormous adoption of ASIC devices, mining is becoming a very complex task. The purpose of the club is to keep this process as much efficient as possible and have fun.

Other things to know

11 May 2014: 2nd generation ASIC miners have been deployed.
15 Jul 2013: ASIC miners have been deployed.
08 Aug 2012: Joining without an invite is not possible anymore.
21 May 2012: This service successfully passed the beta-testing period and it's now considered stable.

Contacts: You can join the discussion on bitcointalk.org, or write a bitmessage to address: BM-2cT1mvqVoohh8hifvuDbcTLrNEH9rqVdrw